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If you need suicide or mental health-related crisis support, or are worried about someone else, please call or text 988.

About our Online Training Center

Prevent Suicide New Jersey (PSNJ) provides a collaborative learning space where all New Jerseyans can gain information and tools to build skills and competencies.  This site offers pre-recorded webinars, opportunities for live virtual, self-paced and in person trainings, and links to other sites that offer a host of educational opportunities to better understand our collective role in preventing youth suicide.

Relevant Content

Whether a professional, parent/caregiver, peer or concerned resident, PSNJ offers learning opportunities that will help provide a foundation and build upon current knowledge of suicide prevention and intervention.

Learn from Home or Office

As we are all taking full advantage of the flexibility of virtual spaces, most PSNJ trainings will be virtual.  In addition, many modules will be self-paced which will allow for attendees to learn at their own pace and in their own space.  Some trainings may be offered in person.

PSNJ Certificates

All trainings and webinars with pre and post tests will offer a certificate of attendance which can be printed or shared as needed.

PSNJ Transcripts

All trainings and webinars with pre and post tests will be added to your PSNJ Transcript which can be printed or shared as needed.  

Education for All

PSNJ is for all New Jerseyans because we need everyone in NJ to stand united in preventing youth suicide and supporting youth who struggle with suicidal thoughts.

Evidence-based Trainings

PSNJ offers evidence based and informed training in the area of suicide prevention, screening, intervention and support services. Content will be added regularly and  reviewed by experts in the field of suicide.