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Building Resilience in an Age of Uncertainty

About the event: 

These are uncertain and complex times.  We wish that we could jump into a future in which health and justice has been achieved, and our nation felt unified.  We wish that we could take away the disruption and inconvenience young people are experiencing because of the impact of physical distancing on their education, activities, and relationships.  And, we wish that there was not human suffering.  But there is.  The best way to protect our children is to shape the lessons that they draw from these times, and in so doing, build the resilience skills they can draw from throughout their lives and the commitment to build a better world that will enable them to lead us into the future.  The starting point is acknowledging that these are hard and unsettling times for us adults and we must first be intentional about building our own fortitude and resolve with self-care and self-compassion.  Further, it is the time to model the lesson that as individuals we are vulnerable, but that we gain strength when we seek the support of others.

In this workshop, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg will share tangible ways we can support the children in our lives and build resilience during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and trauma.

About the speaker: 

Dr. Ken Ginsburg, MD., M.S. Ed, is the Founding Director of the Center for Parent and Teen Communication (CPTC) and Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He travels the world speaking to parent, professional, and youth audiences and is the author of 5 award-winning parenting books including a multimedia professional toolkit on “Reaching Teens.” CPTC follows his strength-based philosophy and resilience-building model. For more on Dr. Ginsburg visit www.fosteringresilience.com.

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